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Summer Bible Conference

We are always looking forward to our annual Summer Bible Conference! Come join us for three days of expositional preaching, fellowship, and good food! No tickets and no registration is required. The next conference will be held July 2023, and details will be posted below as they become available. Until then, check out the past messages on our Youtube channel.

2023 Schedule – July 21-23

Friday July 21

7PM – Matthew Rickett

8:15 – Kyle White

Saturday July 22

10AM – Kenneth Glisch

11:30 – Matthew Rickett

Lord’s Day July 23

11AM – Kyle White

Quarterly Prayer Convocation

Join us every quarter as we gather for corporate prayer. We spend one Saturday every three months specifically engaged in prayer for awakening and revival in our community, our state, our nation, and our world. Please contact Pastor Tommy @ for information and questions.

Quarterly Prayer Convocation

May 27, 2023

Prayer for the Revival of True Religion

Session One: “The Neglect of True Religion” (10:00AM – 10:50AM)

The framers of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith lamented the “decay of religion” in their day.  How true that phrase is in our day!  Let us confess the neglect of biblical religion not only in others, but in our own lives.

Session Two: “True Religion in Private Worship” (11:00AM – 11:50AM)

Do we make time to get alone with the Lord our God?  Private worship, the individual secret time of communing with God is essential to the revival of true religion.  We need the grace of God to strengthen us for it.

Break for Lunch and Fellowship

Session Three: “True Religion in Family Worship” (1:00PM – 1:50PM)

The neglect of family worship was pinpointed as the cause of the decay of religion in the days of the framers of the Second London Baptist Confession.  Are we engaged in this important aspect of biblical religion?

Session Four: “True Religion in Public Worship” (2:00PM – 3:00PM)

The gathering of the saints on the Lord’s Day for the public worship of God ought to be the highlight, the pinnacle, of our weeks.  What greater privilege than to gather with God’s people to worship our God!  And how it is neglected in our day!  Let us plead for mercy from the throne of grace!

N.B. – A light lunch will be provided.  We do ask that food is not brought back into the main building.  Please feel free to bring water and coffee into the main building.  It is the practice of RBC to allow women to pray corporately, so ladies please feel free to pray as the Spirit leads you.

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