Why Advocate for the Received Text?

The following is the contribution to "Why I Preach from the Recieved Text: An Anthology of Essays by Reformed Ministers" by Joshua White As a Reformed Baptist Pastor, I am often asked the question, “Why do you advocate for and use translations based on the Received Text?” To be certain, I fully understand why the... Continue Reading →

Wine or Grape Juice?

What is the biblical substance to be used in the cup during the observance of the Lord’s Supper by His church? It is incredible to see the number of articles and blogs on this very subject. Some helpful, most are not. The reason for the debate stems in large part from reactionism to the temperance... Continue Reading →

Why the Fuss?

With the issues that face the church, are the historic stands for biblical baptism and the Lord's Supper unwise for us to take today? Over the past couple of months I have been seeing a disturbing trend of thought with subsequent declarations within conservative and reformed circles of western evangelicalism. These declarations go something like... Continue Reading →

Ineffective Ministry Due to What?!

I have recently heard it said (again), and parroted on the theological bastion that is social media, that those who defend the use of what is commonly called the Received Text are part of a very small fringe group that are no more than kin to King James only advocates. It has also been said... Continue Reading →

Intentional Biblical Worship

Worship is not unique to the Christian church. The fact that people do not naturally worship God does not mean that they are devoid of the inclination or need to worship. The Hindu is compelled to worship in the form of rituals and rites toward statues, paintings, and animals that represent their many gods. In... Continue Reading →

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